Where to sell catalytic converters

How The Process Works

Here are some simple steps for your Tulsa scrap metal needs when it comes to selling your convertor to Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer.

  1. If your converter has already been removed from vehicle, take an overhead picture of unit as well as side shot. Also take photo of any serial numbers visible.
  2. Send these files to Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer through our website’s contact page along with any additional details surrounding your scrap metal Tulsa. 
  3. Wait for your quote. Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer will get back to you in a timely manner with the best scrap metal prices in Tulsa OK for your converter.
  4. Come see us in person at Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer and we’ll exchange your converter for that cold hard cash you deserve!
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Congratulations it's that easy to receive cash for recycling your catalytic converter!