Why Choose Us?

Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer is your one stop shop when looking to part ways with your converters. You can confidently know that you’ll receive only the highest grade of customer service for our industry. We commit ourselves to being the highest standard when it comes to turning your scrap metal Tulsa into cold hard cash. Our team of professionals will help you through the simple process, making sure you leave us feeling completely satisfied.

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Trusted professionals

Our entire team at Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer takes pride in their commitment to serving you when converting your Tulsa scrap metal to cash. All of our staff is properly trained in dealing with your converter sale and will always strive to get you the best scrap metal prices in Tulsa ok. We aim to please and this has been a motto of ours since we went into business. Meeting the expectations of our customers each and every time.

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Quality Service

As is always the expectation at Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer, every client is assured the absolute highest quality of service. From the moment you reach out to us via phone, email or through our website, you are treated as family and we do our best to guarantee the best scrap metal prices Tulsa experience. Our sincere dedication to service is what we focus on when taking care of our customers.

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Legendary Knowledge

Not only is our staff tremendously friendly and knowledgeable, Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer is as experienced as it gets. Years of service in the industry is what separates us from the pack, allowing us to make your scrap metal Tulsa impression one for the ages. When trying to decipher where to sell catalytic converters, come visit us today for the most ultimate experience.

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Trusted Insights

When looking where to sell catalytic converters, there can be plenty of untrustworthy and scam based companies. Our personnel and location is not one of these shady outfits. From our extremely fair prices for scrap metal Tulsa, to our prompt and friendly service team, you’ll leave your experience with Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer knowing you’ve received the best service in the industry. You’ll also be certain that you received the best pricing on scrap metal Tulsa for your catalytic converter and you can confidently walk away with cash in hand, knowing you were treated fairly.

Additional types of Converters We Recycle

We take pride in being the industry standard when it comes to recycling your used and spent converters. Our experienced team will safely and efficiently recycle your converter while getting you the most cash possible in exchange. Aside from literally every type of catalytic converter out there, the pros at Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer also can help you recycle these other common types of Tulsa scrap metal. 

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DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

A DPF can be found on all diesel vehicles and its catalysts contain important metals, mainly platinum and palladium. These catalysts break down pollutants and ultimately reduce the toxic emissions in the air. The good news is our team at Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer also purchases the DPF units and would be happy to assist you in the scrap metal recycling of yours. Come by today and let us help you obtain the best scrap metal prices Tulsa ok has to offer.

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Industrial Converters (Catalysts)

Factories and plants are the most common places you’ll find these types of converters but they can be found everywhere throughout the industrial world. These units can contain metals like silver, gold and platinum that, yep, you guessed it, we pay you for. As always, the team at Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer will walk you through every step of the process, making sure you are paid top dollar for your scrap metal Tulsa.

More  Alternative Options

If you are unable to remove the catalytic converter from your vehicle on your own, please do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer. We can handle all the work once your vehicle is here. We thrive on facilitating the entire experience for you and ultimately getting you the absolute best scrap metal prices in Tulsa ok for your convertor. Tulsa Catalytic Converter Buyer also offers a convenient and secure email option for our customers. Feel free to reach out via email with any questions or inquiries surrounding your catalytic converter. One of our team members will reach back out with a quote and you’ll see why we dish out the most cash in exchange for Tulsa scrap metal.